Day 390, part 2 – It was water what did it

It seems that this morning, the Cape Town fire has been finally brought under control, although mopping up might take as much as another week.

And, in a real shock revelation, despite the many (many, many) prayers for rain, it didn’t.

Didn’t happen.

Super helpful. Next time, do something worthwhile and donate energy drinks and eye drops to the firefighters.

This guy wasn’t even praying. he was asking others to do it for him. Shocking.

The unaffected parts were indeed spared. That’s what unaffected means.
However, in contrast, the affected parts were roundy fucked.

Great choice of image. Thanks for the thoughts to the sky fairies. It didn’t rain. At all.

No, it turns out that it was the helicopters with the big buckets full of water underneath that was what finally got the fire under control. That and the firefighters working tirelessly all night with hoses and beaters.

Not the rain. That never turned up. God wasn’t interested.