Day 337 – Ritchie Sacramento

The Best Song Of The Year (So Far)™ for me, and a new album to go with it.

Step forward Scottish rockers Mogwai and their new one, Ritchie Sacramento.

Best played LOUD (as with all their stuff) and often, I love the grinding bass and soaring, dreamlike guitars. So, so good.

The new album As The Love Continues begins with a track called To The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Planet Earth, the latter part of which sounds like a great idea and the whole of which is just a great title to open any long player.

We’re long overdue some time off – it’s been a rewarding, but punishing few weeks – so downtime in Agulhas is happening from this evening. I would suspect that Mogwai will play a large part in the soundtrack for the weekend.