Day 263, part 2 – Just because you can…

Scenes from Mpumalanga this weekend:

What a jol.

And Rustenburg:

And Durban:

And these guys…

Doing the same thing in Cape Town:

Sidenote: Look at the wonderful, diverse crowds at each event. [rainbow emoji]

The two massive post-Matric house parties in our area this weekend.

And, obviously this absolute disaster:

Almost a thousand Gauteng learners who attended the annual Ballito Rage festival event in KwaZulu Natal have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Gauteng Department of Health identified 1,322 pupils that travelled to the party.
The department says 1,050 have already undergone testing for COVID-19.
It says 984 of them have contracted the virus.


None of these events (to the best of my knowledge) actually broke any Covid regulations (wait: maybe they did and here). But wow – just look at the numbers right now:

And read the damn room.

Because just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

And yet these same people will be the first to complain when more draconian measures are brought in for the festive season in Ramaphosa’s speech this evening.

Well, you had your chance. It’s not like it hasn’t been every lead story on the news and on every front page, be it paper or pixels.

You can’t say that you weren’t warned:

But of course, you did fuck it up. And now we all have to have a totally kak summer.

Thanks a million.


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