Day 114 – Access point

I have spent much of the day installing a Wireless Access Point in the garden now that Mrs 6000 is (seemingly) (semi) permanently WFH.

I also camouflaged it.

Can you see it? Can you?

I’m not making my wife work outside, but this box more than adequately serves the old “maid’s quarters” which sits in the corner of the garden and which seems to have become her 9-5 home on weekdays. My man cave ideas have been put on hold, although if they ever do come to fruition, it’ll now have stonking internet connectivity.

Installing the Wireless Access Point required making a hole through one of the walls in our notoriously solid house. That’s probably the reason that I am aching all over from all the hammering and drilling I’ve had to do (careful now).

I am self-medicating with brandy and ibuprofen.