Crazy Journey

You’d think that driving part-way across the Eastern Cape in the middle of the night would be a pretty crazy journey, and you’d be right.

But then I did a bit more of it during the day yesterday and it was even crazier.

Part of my journey from the town of Addo to the town of Fort Beaufort took me along the bottom edge of the local National Park. And alongside the road there, there were such things as these:

*warning: unedited photos alert*

And this:

I mean, seriously?

Some people in the UK still ask me if there are lions roaming the streets here, and there clearly aren’t. But there clearly are elephants and warthogs (and kudu and zebras) right next to (some of) the streets in the Eastern Cape.

Of course, I had to stop and shoot. So there are several (or more) pics available. But I don’t have editing time right now: I’ll get to that should I survive my flight back into severely stormy Cape Town this evening.
It could be a crazy journey.

But it would take a bit to beat this one…

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