Day 638 – Theme tunes

This may only be strictly relevant to my British audience. Or to those who have watched some British TV series. But this is really clever stuff from Darrell Maclaine on Youtube. Classic TV theme tunes as they would have been recorded by famous international music stars. The joy is shared between the nostalgia, the talent and the sheer incongruity.

Where else could you hear Michael Jackson singing the theme from Dad’s Army?

Or Paul McCartney doing Are You Being Served??

There are loads more at the link above.

Simple fun. Brilliant.

Day 633 – It me

Spotted yesterday, this:

If you look at how other people gained their super powers: getting nibbled by a radioactive spider, being born on Krypton or having shedloads of cash and a cave under your mansion (is this right? – Ed.), most superheroes have had it fairly easy.

I haven’t had a spider bite, I was born on earth and I don’t have a mansion or a cave. So it looks like I’ll have to go via this route. And looking back at the last 5 months of my life, I would absolutely argue that this so-called “super immunity” – if I even have it – is absolutely not worth the effort.

I can’t even fly.


Day 632 – This is cheery

Spoiler: It’s not cheery at all. But it is quite good.

Some wonderful editing of live singers into the background theme.

There are some really positive moments in this video, and you should try to hang onto those, because overall, it’s a reminder that – like 2020 before it – 2021 was actually a bit of a shitshow, full of conquest, war, famine and death.

And I think we all know what comes next.

We leave as we began, with Covid still running riot and talk of lockdowns all over the place. Anti-vax idiots still peddling their misinformation and the ANC still “running the country” (into the ground).

Chaos abounds.

At least the summer weather is pretty good in Cape Town today*.

I thought that next year would definitely be better (after all, the bar has been set really rather low), but then I realised that it’s pronounced “2020 too”, and suddenly, I don’t feel quite so hopeful.

* hold onto the the positives, remember?

Day 589 – Light trails on the IOM

Quick and easy blog fodder for 6000 miles… – it’s got Isle of Man photos, drones and at least a lighthouse, so why wouldn’t you expect to see it on here? Something of a magnificent trifecta for the site.

Here’s where you need to be.

That little light is called “The Winkie” (stoppit already!) and is right at the very top of the Isle of Man. Photographer Glenn Whorrall has attached a big light to his drone and flown it around the lighthouse in a circle while taking a long exposure image on his camera. Like a more high tech, controlled version of this.

Very effective.

There are more photos similar to this one above castles, forts (must have got airport permission for this one) and cottages on the link above. It’s a wild new way of photographing at very traditional buildings and I’m here for it.


Day 558 – Certificated

On the day that this was (unofficially) announced:

I got mine. I’m all certificated!

How it works is just that you enter your details, confirm an OTP on your cellphone, and you get a PDF with your vaccination details on it and a PHAT QR code.

“The QR Code generated is not intended to be readable by the general public, it is meant to be used by entities requiring to verify the card’s validity, using a Vaccine Certificate System inbuilt QR scanner which will be available in the near future.” 

I’m not taking a photo of mine for you to have a look at because then you could be me really easily.

But if you want one, just go and get vaccinated and then go here to download your vaccination certificate.


It’s going to drive the moonbats MENTAL! Just watch.