Called it (volume 8,459,216)

Not claiming any points for this: one just gets used to seeing what’s going to happen long before it actually happens. Low hanging fruit.

Remember I ended last night’s blog post with this:

Well, this lunchtime, there was this:

Who could have guessed?

[entire country raises hands]

The “unlawful strike” was supposed to have ended, and unions had/were supposed to have told their members to get back to work:

Sadly, it seems that this just hasn’t happened. But who’d begrudge them another day or two off?

[entire country raises hands again]

Obviously, everyone is blaming everyone else, but to reject an 7% pay offer that hasn’t even been made yet seems pretty brave, defiant, and – most of all – really fucking annoying. And once again, it’s the South African public that are bearing the brunt of it all. And it’s difficult to put into words how hated those “workers” are right now.

So that’s another 8 hours of power cuts today.
No braai tonight. I’m getting dinner on now and warming it by gas a bit later.