Bok’s back

I’ve now unsubscribed from Afrikaans singer Bok van Blerk‘s email list 17 times.

And yet look what arrived this morning:

Which can only mean one of two things. Either Bok en sy orkes is disobeying the incredibly well-respected SA law around spamming people with emails, or some prankster is repeatedly signing me up for more emails from Lindi – Bok’s marketing person.

Whichever of these scenarios it is, I should be annoyed. And yet, how would I ever have known that the song Was scored number one on many nationwide hit parades if I hadn’t been emailed?

(Mainly Solely the Afrikaans ones, I’d wager.)

And simply the title of Blouwildebliksemsfontein (literally “Blue Wild Lightning Fountain”, but in practice it’s probably a good deal more complicated than that) makes me want to listen to it. Briefly. Very, very briefly.

Anyway, I’ve reunsubscribed to Bok’s mailing list, so if you’re the one putting me back on, you need to do it again now.

Thank you for your efforts.