Away at Bristol City

I watched Sheffield United at Bristol City back in 2010. It was cold and horrible. We lost. Heavily.

Still, perhaps that was a one off (Spoiler: no, it wasn’t – we often lose); perhaps others have had a more positive experience at Ashton Gate. Let’s head back to rochdaleawaydayreview (you may remember him from this post) to see how Marky D got on down there:

I got the Coach at 8.49AM the coach left Spotland Stadium at 9AM, we didn’t pull into the services while 11.35AM i went McDonalds and got 2 Hamburgers, McChicken Mayo, Fries and a Drink of Fanta which came to just under £5, The Coach left the service station at 12.06PM, we arrived at Bristol City for 1.33PM the coach were parked least a mile from Ashton Gate at Ashton Vale Car Park.

I ended up in the Tobacco Factory the only stout they had were Milk Stout which cost £3.20 it were like a stronger version of Snakebite then made my way to Ashton Gate. Before Kick Off i got a Pint of Guinness to get rid of the strong taste of Milk Stout out my mouth Guinness were £3.80 at the Stadium.

I was going to read further, but the grammar centre in my brain had exploded. I was even going to try and summarise the review by just reading the last sentence he wrote, but it’s over 200 words long.

rochdaleawaydayreview remains one of my favourite blogs detailing the fortunes of a Rochdale FC fan following his club to away matches. Once again, the enthusiasm and the attention to detail is faultless. The rest of it, however, is a complete and utter train smash.

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