2015 Subaru WRX STI on TT course

Here’s a quick (in more ways than one) video of Subaru driver Mark Higgins driving that company’s latest WRX STI vehicle around the Isle of Man TT course, rather nippily.

Of particular interest is the footage about a minute in of the previous record that he set in 2011 and his comment that they “had a big moment; basically the car just got a little bit of of shape…”.

This “moment” stuff is motorsport parlance, of course. There are two types of moment in this context. You can either have “a bit of a moment”, or you can have “a big moment”. For most of us mere mortals, “a bit of a moment” would be more than enough for us to require, at least, a change of underwear and several months of industrial-strength counselling. This, I’ll remind you, was “a big moment”.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, looking at that bit of the video, it’s evident that Mark’s version of:

a little bit out of shape…

and mine also differ significantly. Superb driving control though. What a save.

Anyway, well worth 7 minutes of your valuable time, if just for the camerawork, the details of the car and the driver and the occasional Manx countryside.

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