Up, up and away

A really great night last night, but more on that later, because we woke up to thick fog this morning. And while thick fog doesn’t really make for great photography conditions when you’re in it, if you can get over it, then suddenly, everything changes.

And so I grabbed the drone and headed out, and I did manage to get over it, all 80m of thick stuff lying over the Southern Suburbs, and what’s more, I managed to do it just as the sun came up over the Hottentots Holland Mountains out beyond the Cape Flats.

Looking first that way:

And then turning to see the Mountain sitting like some majestic island emerging from the low clouds:

Glorious light. Horrendous rush hour traffic.

Cape Town showing off, if you could only get to see it. Anyway, always nice to slip in an impromptu photoshoot before I get on with my very busy day.
Which, having done, I must now do.