Unsolicited advice

Having parked up at the mall, I opened the boot of my car to get the shopping bags out…

What? You still use plastic bags? Sies, man. 
Won’t someone please think of the turtles?
(It’s you. You must do that.) 

This was the big weekly shop, so I needed all the bags. Sadly, the bags had been used individually for other things over the weekend and had then just been flung into the back of the car.

Bag foldage was required. I did some rudimentary calculations and estimated that it would probably take about 30 seconds.
I began the process.

I was two bags in when I heard a car pull up behind me and voice commented:

“You could have done that at home, you know?”

I turned around with a grin to admit my slight lack of organisation to whichever of my friends had spotted me, but it wasn’t one of them.

It was a 60-something year old Constantia bloke in a silver Merc, and as I turned around, he closed his window and drove on.

I have no idea who this gentleman was or why he felt the need to pull over, wind down his window and tell me that I could have folded some fabric bags Chez Moi rather than upon my arrival at the mall, but he did.

The thing is – technically – while I certainly didn’t ask for his advice – technically – he was absolutely correct. I could have done that at home. It would have made absolutely no difference to anyone else, or in fact even to me, but I could have done it at home.

Having now considered all my options for future bag folding exploits, I’m happy to report that I will be folding my shopping bags wherever I feckin’ feel like it.


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