So here it is. Our big news. No. Not another child, just another amazing achievement by one of the ones we already have.

Because today, our son represented the U21 South African Dodgeball team in the African Cup against Egypt.

At 16 years old.

Mmm. Lighting is that typical sports hall nastiness that we photographers love so much. Eww.
But wow, haven’t we come a long way since the little guy that many of you will know from my twitter profile image?

Yeah, I know that your only experience of dodgeball is that movie. But while it’s social, it’s also a good deal more serious than that. As the months of training for up to 10 hours each week should testify.

Officially sanctioned by one of the two international bodies, The African Cup is spread over three days. The competition is tight, passionate and often gets quite heated. This year’s event is near Somerset West, and you can get tickets here if you want to come along and watch. And if you can’t make it in person, all the games are being streamed as well.

The U21s’ first game didn’t go so well result-wise, but that’s really beside the point. It’s just been an amazing day and we’re so proud of our lad.