Twitter ye not

Incoming DM (direct message) on twitter:

You doing alright? If I’m not mistaken, you and I had a romantic moment some years ago. Can’t remember it, but hope all is forgiven.

Jeremy Nell / JeremyTNell

Erm… no. You are mistaken. Really.

And why would I be forgiving you?
Do you usually expect forgiveness when you can’t remember what you did during a ‘romantic moment’?
Have you got some sort of history in this regard?

We’ve never met, OK? Romantically or otherwise.

Have we?

OK – I’m scaring myself now.


4 thoughts on “Twitter ye not

  1. It was a reference to a boxing match that I think you and I once had. It was on TT, back in the day.

    Perhaps my euphemisms should have been even more subtle. FML.

  2. LOL! Now that is really quite funny! I too would find this quite frightening – as you know!!!;-) Wow I wonder what kind of romantic moment it was?

    DT´s last blog post was: Moving day! (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

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