A quick mishmash

OK – because of the impending Liverpool versus Chelsea game, together with a daughter that really didn’t want to go to sleep this evening, I’m left with approximately 8 minutes to blog.

Part One: Two bands pull out of Coke Zero Fest.

Bullet for my Valentine and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, two of the headline acts for the Coca-Cola Zero Fest 2009, have pulled out at the last minute. Studio commitments to complete their new studio album and personnel changes were given as reasons for the late cancellations.

Two days notice. Utterly disgusting. Don’t bother coming back – I wasn’t looking forward to hearing your hits… erm… whatever those hits were. I can’t even be arsed to google.
If I’m honest, I was going to use your sets to queue for a burger with everyone else who was using your sets to queue for a burger.
Oh – but also thank you, because, in order to fulfill their promise of 12 hours of music on Easter Monday, the organisers have organised the real professional bands who everyone was wanting to see (Panic! at the Disco, Snow Patrol and Oasis) to deliver “extended performances”. Get in.

Part Two: Quota photo, as supplied from here, via here.

Alan Aubry – Down Memory Lane

The set features self protraits of Alan at various places (mainly) in and around Cape Town.
Very unusual and very cool. And somehow the remote cable only adds to it.

The one above is my favourite and only works because the horizon meets the frame at exactly halfway.

11 thoughts on “A quick mishmash

  1. Now because I ummed and ahhed too much over the decision again this year…you have to take photos for me…again.

    Goblin´s last blog post was: This kid is a legend (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Goblin > Still tickets available. Yes, that’s how badly marketed it has been.

    Emil > Surprisingly so. Not much to play for, second leg now.

  3. Cokefest gets worse every year. Fatboy Slim at the old greenpoint stadium was brilliant.

    As soon as I heard the venue change i thought, it’ll be cancelled. Who would pay R600 to see Oasis? 🙁

    Anyway it’s Vortex this weekend. My annual schmangling. Discodad is back!! Trance grannies beware.. Aciieeedd!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. DW > Eh? Last year was CLASS! Really looking forward to this year now that some of the chaff has gone. Oasis. Snow Patrol. Panic! Dirty Skirts. Z&G. It’s all good.

    Enjoy your big-fish, little-fish, box stacking.!

  5. Didn’t go last year. Muse would have been good tho.

    Way too much “indie landfill” on this years lineup for me.

    It also looks like you’ve been looking at the mountain too much, the Dirty Skirts are terrible.. Not one ounch of originality.

    Cassette are about the only local band that are not indie clones imho.

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