Mixed messages from Women24.com

Much criticism of ANC MP Thandile Sunduza’s green boobtube dress at the State of the Nation Address (SONA) last night. And yes – it was unpretty (the criticism, not the dress: I’m not in any position to pass comment on that).
Cue Women24.com and their comments on the way she was treated:

And, by the way, pregnant or not, since when do we expect members of parliament to look and dress like A-List celebrities? And why do we care?
Criticizing them about the work they do (or don’t do) is fine – that is, after all their job, and we have a right to know how they are doing it. Being a watchdog against corruption and how they use tax payers money is also great.

But can’t we at least let them wear what they want?

Right with you there, women24.com. But you might like to look at this page from… er… women24.com who were at last year’s SONA, making comments like:

The shirt looks as if she was dipped in mud, and that skirt looks like she’s wearing a huge chocolate muffin.


No. Just no. This mermaid should have stayed under the sea. And why are there so many feathers? Were you planning to fly home, Pinky?


Ag nee, Patricia. Couldn’t you have tried harder? You can pose all you want, it doesn’t make this outfit any less boring or hideous. Are those satin tracksuit pants?! Urgh. Someone get this woman a new stylist. PLEASE!

and like:

Look out! There’s a blue,sparkly tiger on the loose! Wait… that’s Bongi Zuma. Okay, false alarm. It was just a hideous outfit.

Because yeah – obviously it’s all about criticizing them for the work they do (or don’t do).

But can’t we at least let them wear what they want?

This post isn’t meant, in any way, to attempt to justify the unkind and completely unjust comments made about Ms Sunduza last night. But before women24.com go out of their way to tell us what we should or shouldn’t be saying about the fashion on the red carpet at SONA or anywhere else, maybe they need to get their own house in order.

Some few screenshots for your delectation herehere, here and here.
You know. Just in case there’s a server problem at 24.com…

UPDATE: Always lovely to have a friendly chat about my views. Anyway – there’s an update and an explanation which you should probably have a look at here.