Day 142, part 2 – Those “Tokyo fireworks”

We’ve surely all seen it shared by muppets on social media:

The fireworks were prepared by Tokyo for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games this year. The Olympics cannot be opened because of the epidemic, but these fireworks cannot be stored until 2021, so the Olympic fireworks are displayed at this time. Please enjoy the Olympic fireworks under the beautiful Mount Fuji.

And then the fireworks, which look entirely different from any other fireworks you’ve ever seen and are set to music about legendary Japanese hero William Tell, by legendary Japanese composer Gioachino┬áRossini.

Right up the old national pride street for Japan.

Strangely, the official Olympic Organising Committee didn’t share the link, and even more strangely, given that they the display was just a couple of days ago, here it is in its computer-generated entirety posted back in December 2015:

Almost 5 years ago!
No wonder they couldn’t store the pixels fireworks any longer.

…with the description:

As with the previous work, the background was based on the delusion that “a large-scale fireworks display was held in winter at Lake Kawaguchi in cooperation with the Lake Kawaguchi Fisheries Cooperative in commemoration of Mt. Fuji’s registration as a World Cultural Heritage site.”

Well, your video has gone way beyond that minor “delusion” now, mate.

This is one of those useful tools to sort out who are those less useful tools on your timelines. Obviously, there may already have been signs (football club allegiances etc.) in which case, this can act simply as a helpful confirmation.

I’m happy to assist.