The Safety Dance

I’d never heard this song before I moved to SA. Apparently, it did ok in the UK, making it to No.6 in the charts for a week, but it was a big hit here: the only official chart worldwide where it got to Number 1.

They were Men Without Hats, and your 1982 Disney Prince protagonist here is Canadian Ivan Doroschuk, This song was their one hit, so much so that their website these days is, because yes, they’re still releasing music 41 years on from that morris dancing escapade above.

Here they are now, Ivan at the front, his brother Colin on the left, Sho Murray on the right, and Colin’s daughter Sahara Slone in the silver skirt and the boots.

Sadly, their current tour, running until March next year, fails to make it to South Africa. And Djibouti also misses out again.