Day 664 – An Incident

There was a bit of an incident yesterday involving a bridge, some wet leaves, some inappropriate footwear for the conditions, and a known quantity of gravity.


Gravity did prevail, as it always does eventually, but there was at least something of an short-lived fight put up before its victory, during which brief period, I threw shapes like a shellsuit-clad, late-80s, Albanian break-dancer.

The fight (such as it was) did mean that my actual fall was mercifully underwhelming, but the amount of sheer energy immediately expelled – together with the extreme contortions on my way down – have left me rather jarred today.

Everything (and I do mean everything) hurts.

I was already having a bit of an iffy week. Nothing too terrible, but there were some noticeable LC symptoms about. Odd aches and pains here and there, some degree of excess fatigue and a memory like a… like a… oh, whatever. I don’t think this had anything to do with the fall: anyone wearing those sort of slops on that sort of wet leafy surface (and under the seemingly omnipresent force of gravity) would also have gone down like Jessie Lingard “near” a defender.

I’m hoping that some extra rest this morning and some sensible activity will prepare and re-condition me for this weekend’s crazy plan, which I haven’t dared mention on here yet, but will elaborate upon over the coming days.
Suffice to say that – given my condition (even pre-yesterday) – it will be the biggest physical challenge for me for quite a while.

I can’t wait.

Right now though, more painkillers.