I can remember when

It’s not quite like that airport in Gibraltar (?) where they shut down the road because it’s halfway down the runway, but…

imageWhen they landed these little Short 360s (or anything else on this runway) at Ronaldsway Airport in the Isle of Man, they had to shut the back road through to Derbyhaven.
I learnt to drive along this road, albeit without the distraction of overhead traffic or the local Rozzers.


CLAW!, originally uploaded by Ballacorkish.

They’re extending the runway at Ronaldsway Airport and this little baby was flinging around rocks the size of my living room with seemingly very little effort.

After observing the driver’s habit of tucking the ignition key just behind the hydraulic piston on the right at the end of the working day, I’m planning to head down there this evening after a few beers and have a bit of a play.
Didn’t look too difficult, but a bit of trial and error may be required.