It’s been a while since I did a quota photo post, but here one (or even two) quota photos come right now:

This poster tube came our way a while ago (long, uninteresting story), and I just liked how battered and well worn it was. It seemed silly not to use the opportunity to snap a couple of atmospheric pics.

As for the address, it turns out to be one of SA’s most famous brick and ceramics companies, built upon the high quality clay fields near Olifantsfontein in Gauteng. Those clay fields were discovered when siting and building of the railways was taking place in the 1890s and soon afterwards in 1896, the Consolidated Rand Brick, Pottery and Lime Company was set up by diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan. Thus the business became colloquially known as Cullinan Brick.

Sadly, I have no idea when the poster tube was sent to Mnr Schalk van Wyk or what was in it, but it has now made its way safely back to its owner.