Day 457 – Busy morning

A busy couple of days, in fact. The bar is now installed: fridges and bookcases have been moved, plans have been made for new glasses and new lighting – it’s all looking good and I can’t wait to get the last bits done.

Tonight though, I’m going to chill in front of the fire and watch some football. It’s been almost 72 hours since the last game, and I’ve been missing it. I actually got ahead of myself and thought that yesterday was Saturday (kids not at school, Mrs 6000 not at work) and was hugely disappointed not to be able to watch Denmark beat Wales last night.

Now, I don’t often do this (because it looks very silly when I’m wrong), but I’m going to see if I can predict the Quarter Finalists with any degree of accuracy – just for a laugh (and knowing that I can simply pop back and edit this post to make myself look better if things don’t go as I expect). No screenshots, please.

So, here goes:

Belgium (just, depending on which Portugal team turns up)

Wow… did he just…?!?
Yes. Yes, I did.

Let’s pop back on Wednesday morning and do a post-mortem together.