Back and foot

It’s like foot and mouth, except more less serious.

Meh. I’ve hurt my back shifting furniture around. I’ve always had back problems, but I thought they were behind me (no pun intended), because I’ve been working really hard on my core muscles and I feel fitter and more protected than ever.

Not so, it seems.

Add to that the f****** bee sting from the weekend, which has now swelled up like a swollen thing on my foot. Itchy, hot. Irritating.

Have some Iggy Pop. His recent Maida Vale BBC Radio 6 Music session.

I love this, and I am dying to find it on Spotify.
Also, I hope I am still rocking at 72 years old.
Just being able to walk again in 72 hours would be a start.

And: Leron Thomas on trumpet. Beautifully understated, but hugely important.

Tramadol? I’m tempted…