I didn’t sleep well last night, and today has been a bit bleugh because of that. I’m hopeless with sleep deprivation. Today is hot, rather humid and doesn’t feel at all Christmassy. The family of four American kids who live nearby are being very American and I actually just want to get tonight over with and try again tomorrow.

I have bought Mrs 6000 a few little Christmas gifts, and it’s just struck me that – having hidden them from (her) prying eyes – I have no idea where they are. It’s a search which must take place shortly in order that she can have some nice things tomorrow morning, but one that I have limited enthusiasm for at the moment.

As I mentioned previously, I am feeling very disorganised this year, and I’m assuming that this is a symptom of things that happened this year. I will write a blog post on that, but I’m a bit short on impetus because each time I think about doing it, I realise that it’ll be a long one and no-one will read it.

Right. Let’s get this Christmas gift treasure hunt started. Because you clearly can’t give what you can’t find.