Big Bang Bloopers

I’m really not into American situation comedy. I see it more as an oxymoron than anything else. I never got into Cheers or Friends or Frasier or… well, anything of that genre. Mrs 6k enjoys Will & Grace and I can tolerate it. But then, one day, on a flight to the UK, I ended up watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory and I have never looked back. Maybe it’s Sheldon’s character – a scientific genius not understood by the rest of the world – that somehow resonates. *cough* Either way, series 4 has just finished over here in SA and the final episode was one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

Here then, some of the outtakes from that fourth series.

It was interesting to me to note that the characters are so well portrayed that even I almost expected the actors playing them to have the same traits and it’s rather strange to just see them as “normal people”.

Is there anything else I should try while awaiting series 5? And yes, we were told by virtually everyone to try Modern Family, but it was hugely disappointing. Thus, please don’t bother with that one and also be aware that I might not be be very impressed with your suggestions anyway.

BrianMicklethwaitDotCom mixed metaphor of the day

More talking sense about nonsense from Brian Micklethwait:

From the blonde older daughter in 8 Simple Rules earlier this evening:

“I’ve made my bed and now I have to let sleeping dogs lie in it.”

She’s now the blonde in Big Bang Theory.

What will she be the blonde in next?

It’s a reasonable question.
Incidentally, Brian has a history of blogging mixed metaphors: see here about this, which brings back some wonderful memories.