Big Bang Bloopers

I’m really not into American situation comedy. I see it more as an oxymoron than anything else. I never got into Cheers or Friends or Frasier or… well, anything of that genre. Mrs 6k enjoys Will & Grace and I can tolerate it. But then, one day, on a flight to the UK, I ended up watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory and I have never looked back. Maybe it’s Sheldon’s character – a scientific genius not understood by the rest of the world – that somehow resonates. *cough* Either way, series 4 has just finished over here in SA and the final episode was one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

Here then, some of the outtakes from that fourth series.

It was interesting to me to note that the characters are so well portrayed that even I almost expected the actors playing them to have the same traits and it’s rather strange to just see them as “normal people”.

Is there anything else I should try while awaiting series 5? And yes, we were told by virtually everyone to try Modern Family, but it was hugely disappointing. Thus, please don’t bother with that one and also be aware that I might not be be very impressed with your suggestions anyway.

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  1. Don’t know how you can’t not find Modern Family funny, 6k. It’s absolutely hilarious. The whole dynamic of the extended dysfunctional family, especially Cameron and Mitchell (remember High Chapparel) with the adopted daughter, plus the eager for approval son-in-law and the patriarch with the young Colombian wife and step-son is comedic writing genius. Granted its not Dad’s Army or Farty Towels but is certainly the best US sit-com in a long while.

    The Middle is another sit-com in similar vein which I find particularly amusing. I am currently holed up in Netherlands and the only sit-coms on (BBC apart) are the US sit-coms; Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory and other lesser comedies which I hadn’t come across before. 2 1/2 men is on continual loop, Big Bang Theory is funny but the rest, meh.

  2. Finding a good comedy these days is particularly difficult. Like you, I’m a fan of Big bang theory (but then, who isn’t?). Like you, I find Modern Family to be a boring bunch of crock. And to be honest, there isn’t a whole lot more out there that is actually entertaining. QI is quite interesting, with moments of mirth, but it’s a quiz show with a bit of humour thrown in rather than a comedy as such.

    So, I tend to stick with the investigative programs. Not massively funny I’ll agree, but good watching nonetheless.

  3. Henry Crun > Sorry. Just doesn’t work for me. None of them do. BBT is the exception that proves the rule.

    Rory > The lack of laugh track is weird. Especially when you note on the outtakes video that there’s obviously a live studio audience. Didn’t work as well, I admit, but then, would any show?
    Gervais’ stuff is generally funny, but a bit cringeworthy and a bit samey after a while.

    Gary > Love QI, despite my feelings about Stephen Fry. But I like most Brit comedy. Third place to comedy is documentary/series for me. Still quite into Deadliest Catch.

  4. Agree, QI is superb. Whats the beef with Fry?

    Also been enoying Ask Rhod Gilbert – done in a similar manner to QI but a little less serious and sometimes more slapsticky and a while back The Trip with Coogan and Rob Brydon flexed the abs big time.

    Yank comedy more often than not spells out the jokes for a dummed down audience so invariably it relies on toilet humour tactics.

    I do however enjoy me a bit of South Park now and again. they tirrk errrr JERBSS!

  5. For American stuff, 30 Rock is very smart on the whole, and usually fun. As is Weeds. For a dose of very non-PC, often slightly cringe-worthy macho bullsheeeet, try Eastbound and Down. Which of course reminds one (the non-PC bit) of Curb your Enthusiasm, where the last season (at least) was sheer genius. It should arrive on DSTV soon, maybe.

  6. Big Bang was awesome, but has jumped the shark, currently we get about 6 episodes a week, mostly reruns I’ve stopped watching. Same goes for 2 and a half men, first few series were good, but has gone on too long. Used to enjoy Arrested Development, but hasn’t been on for a while.

  7. Rory > I find him totally overhyped and he plays on it. Often.
    Also, it grinds that people can see no wrong in him. Even when he is wrong.
    Honestly, you’d think that someone with his intelligence could think before they speak.

    Coogan and Brydon sounds distinctly interesting. Thanks.

    Jacques > Tried 30 Rock, and wasn’t hugely put off, although I never really went back. I’ll look out for Eastbound and Down (never heard of it) and Curb your Enthusiasm – of which I have heard great things. (Like many other US sitcoms).

    Stan > Jumped the shark, did it? Right. 🙂
    2.5 men leaves me distinctly cold. Arrested Development was before my time. 🙂

  8. I’m with you on American Sitcom’s. Dire dire dire…..

    Not quite a sitcom but even after all these years, epsiodes and the movie The Simpsons never fails to amuse me.

    And if you want to see something really funny check out the goings on at The Molinuex this season. Even from all these miles away I am sure they can hear me chuckling away each and every weekend.

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