Day 635 – What a night!

Considering how much I watch football, I blog about it very rarely.

This is one of those rare occasions.

We took on Fulham last night. They are top of the table and I didn’t really realise how good they have been until the commentator started throwing stats out left right and centre: Most goals scored of any team in England this season. Most goals scored in the first 15 minutes and most goals scored in the last 15 minutes of games. Most goals scored from set-pieces. Most goals scored by substitutes.
Centre forward Aleksandar Mitrovic is top scorer in any of the 4 English leagues. He’s also a bit whiney and divey, but apparently that’s not an thing they officially record.

Every time something happened in the game, there was a stat to say that Fulham were the best at doing it.

Apart from defending against Iliman Ndiaye:

What a win! And to indicate just how unlikely it was, we started the game at 6-1 against for a win.

Which also made it a nice little earner for believers like myself. Senses well and truly filled.

Sidenote: Powered almost entirely by adrenaline, it was also the latest I have stayed up since before Covid: 00:22 for the purists (although it wasn’t like I managed to get much sleep afterwards, either).