Day 311 – The Slabs

Another Danny MacAskill video (see here for others). And this one is nuts.

I’m going to let it speak for itself, save for three comments:

1. The incredible drone work. Absolutely amazing.
2. The music: Arcade Fire’s No Cars Go. Singularly appropriate.
3. That bit from 4:20 (snigger) onwards. The control. The scale. Wow.

I will never not love this format of video.

Everything now!

Gosh. I’m very demanding, aren’t I?

But no, this is the new Arcade Fire song. So:
Gosh. They’re very demanding, aren’t they?

Included here, because:
a) It’s a catchy, fun, poppy song with some piano involvement, and
b) Part (most) of the video was shot just up the road in deepest, hottest South Africa.

It’s the title track from their forthcoming album, which is out next week.
I’m quite looking forward to it.

Other international bands with videos filmed in South Africa and which we have featured include:

Coldplay’s Paradise
Kasabian’s Fire
Snow Patrol’s The Planets Bend Between Us, and
Passenger’s Setting Suns