We’re back to normal summer temperatures, with even a bit of rain tomorrow, back in Blighty. That’s more like the summers of my youth. And so I fear that this warning might be too late for many of my British readers.

But still… stay out of the sun, because, you know, it’s dangerous. Not because it’s the sun, but rather because it’s… er… not the sun:

It is – as you will already have read – not the sun that we knew as children.

(presumably, that’s this one?)

And that would surely strike fear into anyone were they to see its giggling face, 1,392 million kilometres across, looking down upon them. So this new sun (which isn’t actually the sun) must be doubly terrifying.

And that terror is down to it actually being an “LED prism”, “emitting a blue/white light”. And why would it be doing that? Well, to “excerbate [sic] graphene growth”, obviously.

Thankfully, I’m here to drop a few truth bombs so you don’t have to worry to much about that message above. The facts you require are:

1. Prisms don’t emit light.
2. The sun is the sun.
3. Graphene growth is unaffected by light.
4. “Excerbates” isn’t a word, and
5. TETC is clearly a nutter.

In fact the only sane part of the message is that last part:

Please PLEASE understand quickly where the REAL dangers are coming from and avoid those things.

Yes, like these sort of messages from people like TETC.