Sony Smartband

Is this really the way that tech is going now? Do we really need to log our lives and track every step in order to remember each moment?

Surely when you take that photo, you know who the people are and where it was taken (and if not, your phone can already tell you).

Life bookmarks lets you catch that special moment by simply pressing the associating key on the wristband, so anything happening at that particular moment will be caught and remembered forever.

Yes, but MY BRAIN DOES THAT ALREADY! Does it really have to be recorded again by pressing a button on my wrist?
And note that this is additional technology – it’s not some new software that integrates into your existing (and very good) Sony mobile phone or tablet.

No, I simply cannot see any way this piece of technology would improve my life.

However, I am craving one more than you could possibly contemplate.

2 thoughts on “Sony Smartband

  1. I think you will find that it does integrate with your Android SmartPhone. We are likely to see a number of these devices over the next year or so. The Pebble is one that has been around for a little while but has just been upgraded. Now you just need a Blue Tooth hard monitor to measure how much you are exercising and you know where the thermometer goes…

  2. David Rogers > Yes, yes. It will integrate with my phone (also a Sony, incidentally). What I was trying to say is that it’s NOT my phone: it’s something else I have to carry around to do (what I see as) rather unnecessary tasks. Put that way, your bluetooth thermometer sounds like quite a good idea.

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