Sony ad

Sony are advertising their Xperia cellphone range with a photo of an Xperia cellphone taking a photo of an incoming beagle and for the first time since 2005, I’m considering switching brand.

While the Xperia is undoubtedly brilliant at taking photos (and videos) of approaching beagles, the happy-go-lucky, blue sky, not-a-care-in-the-world imagery portrayed by this advert masks the dark reality, continuous hassle and huge expense of actually owning a beagle.

So very misleading.

On a more serious note, I love my Xperias and it would take more than a beagle on one of their ads to get me to move. I’m getting the XZ Premium next month, and I can’t wait.

Sony Smartband

Is this really the way that tech is going now? Do we really need to log our lives and track every step in order to remember each moment?

Surely when you take that photo, you know who the people are and where it was taken (and if not, your phone can already tell you).

Life bookmarks lets you catch that special moment by simply pressing the associating key on the wristband, so anything happening at that particular moment will be caught and remembered forever.

Yes, but MY BRAIN DOES THAT ALREADY! Does it really have to be recorded again by pressing a button on my wrist?
And note that this is additional technology – it’s not some new software that integrates into your existing (and very good) Sony mobile phone or tablet.

No, I simply cannot see any way this piece of technology would improve my life.

However, I am craving one more than you could possibly contemplate.

Beautiful phone, beautiful city

As these things do, my “new” Sony Xperia T smartphone – the flagship of the Xperia range – has been superseded by the new flagship of the Xperia range, the Xperia Z. It is an absolutely beautiful device, and the advert is filmed in Cape Town, which (obviously) is also absolutely beautiful.
Together, these two facts make it unavoidable blog fodder:

To be honest, aside from a slightly larger screen (not something I wanted anyway) and a couple of video enhancements on the Z, it does appear that there’s not an awful lot to choose between the two handsets, and thus I remain very happy with my phone.

UPDATE: Dammit. Just seen that it has 2GB RAM. OK, that’s quite a lot to choose. But I still remain very happy with my phone.
*seethes quietly*

In terms of units sold, Sony certainly isn’t Samsung just yet, but once users onto the fact that it keeps producing really, really good top-end mobile hardware like this, surely its market share will deservedly increase.