Sonic Notify: Mind. Blown.

This is seventy-four different sorts of impressive.

Sonic Notify is a flexible technology solution that presents a unique opportunity for content strategists focusing on proximity and live experience solutions. Their clients purchase a speaker, or a “beacon” (which come in multiple shapes and sizes) that send out high pitched audio signals inaudible to the human ear within music and other soundtracks that trigger compatible apps to launch websites, videos, texts, maps… pop up on people’s smartphones that are within range of the device. The technology can be installed anywhere from a super market, to a football stadium, to a personal wallet.

So you hear nothing, but your cellphone reacts to the inaudible signal and pops up with some content relevant to your current location. Here’s the video, in which the presenter (or rather the presenter’s smartphone) meets Jim and buys some cheap nappies:

[vimeo clip_id=”33556728″ width=”678″ height=”452″]

Outstanding. And yes, while this technology has the potential to be rather invasive, it also has the potential to be hugely useful and beneficial to the smartphone user. I love it.

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