Busy day, busy evening ahead, so just a quick recommendation which I recently found on The Twitter:


Described as:

Fragments of life in real messages on postcards from the past. Delivered to you every day. Wish you were here?

It does exactly what it says on the tin. The fragments of life come as single line quotes from the postcards in question and range from the rather mundane, through to the altogether intriguing, and include several of the bewildering and bizarre. Of course, many of these snippets can be attributed to the actual holiday experience, but then there are some that provoke further interrogation.

Fullscreen capture 2016-07-28 013620 PM.bmp

If you’re in the right mood, you can become quite involved. Who is Martin, how big is his picture framing business now (clue: it’s bigger than before), and what does that have to do with a visit to Robin Hood’s Bay?

When was the last time you sent a postcard?
With WhatsApp, email and Facebook, postcards are surely dying the death, aren’t they?
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As I said – just a quick recommendation today, but do go along and have a look.

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  1. I call my (almost) daily hyperlink-illustrated blogs of my travels “Postcards”. I try to capture the postcard experience with a personal account. You can sample my postcards on I will be doing one tonight on Brittany

  2. Max Brinsmead > A-ha! Some familiar faces there! I think my “fragment of life in real messages” would have to be:

    “With the aid of Google and my iPad, I identified a green lane through a wood…”

    Great pics. Thanks.

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