Godfrey tells it like it is 

Look out! Naughty language below! 

The SA weather was all over the place yesterday. Floods in KZN, snow in the Eastern Cape and the Free State and a postponed 5-a-side game here in Cape Town. 

I know. Tragic, ne? 

Tembisa took the gold medal though, with a tornado – much shared on social media – which… er… damaged the local mall. In fact, it was actually a bit worse than that. Let me hand you over to spokesperson Godfrey Mashakgomo to give you the full synopsis:

Best. Spokesperson. Ever. 

Not “There’s some damage that we’ll need to assess”,  not “We’ve lost some roof panels on the western side of the building, but fortunately no-one was seriously injured”. 

No. Godfrey went with: “The whole mall is fucked up.”

All of it. 

Five stars for Godfrey telling it like it is. And please, more of this blunt honesty from spokespeople in the future. 

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