On form

This makes me happy:


Look at that. Just look at it!

Six wins out of six and not a single goal conceded. In fact, last night’s home win against the MIGHTY Peterborough United took the winning run to eight, if you include the FA Cup wins against Fulham and Nottingham Forest.
I’m really not sure what has changed, but something has and suddenly, we’re feeling as invincible as an unlit cyclist on Ou Kaapse Weg at dusk.

Sadly (much like an unlit cyclist on Ou Kaapse Weg at dusk), this is merely a feeling – there is no actual invincibility: because of our poor start to the season, we’re still worryingly vulnerable and things could still go horribly wrong.

But the feeling is good. It reminds me of the feeling back in 2003, when we did really well in the league and both cup competitions and then won absolutely nothing.

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  1. Nigel Clough has certainly got them playing well. Hope The Blades have a day out at Wembley in the semis.

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