More weather

Aside from a surprise heatwave (not forecast yet, but you never rule it out), we have had all the weather in the last few days.

Today, it’s more rain. With the total for the last week sitting comfortably over the 100mm mark, there’s been almost another 50mm this morning alone, it’s still falling hard and it. is. miserable.

This glum, grey, wet weather is forecast the continue until Sunday, with Google helpfully(?) telling me that the next time I would see the sun is Monday. Talk about adding insult to injury.

I was up at 7 this morning, outside in the rain and trying to unblock the garage box gutter which was full of pine needles and moss, and therefore thoroughly incapable of emptying. We’re usually very good at keeping it clean, but the wind while we were away, with the assistance of the alien pine tree across the road, had filled the downpipe rather effectively, meaning that all of the rain was pouring into the garage through the roof.

A thoroughly unpleasant wake-up call after a lovely weekend away.

The rain shows no sign of stopping today or anytime soon, so I’m planning all my necessary travel around places that have indoor parking. And taking an umbrella to anywhere else.

Stay safe, stay warm, help others to do the same wherever you can.