Back home, but what a day!

Hey – I called it!

Awoken at 5:30 by excited voices outside, I chose to turn over and hide under the duvet a bit more. But then once we did get up, we were in a full-on winter wonderland.

And we were like kids again. Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights: snow end to the fun you can have with some white stuff (careful now). I’m thinking we got about 10-12cm, which is far more than I’ve ever seen here in SA before. And to (literally) wake up to it (literally) on our doorstep instead of having to get up at 4am to make a Groot Trek out from Cape Town was such a bonus.

So much so, that after some more fun, some breakfast, and copious cups of hot things, we took the long road back, as the grey skies gave way to blue:

And what a drive it was:

Back through Montagu with the essential stop at the Spar there for coffee and sandwiches…

…back through du Toits Kloof and the Holiday Portal and home.

I’ve got (ahem) “several” more images to go through and remove snowflake lens spots and the like, so maybe there will be more to come, but after a couple of amazing days away, today was such a bonus as we headed back home.