Love Island microbiologist revealed

Spoiler: It’s not me.

Amazingly, he’s one of the contestants. I thought he was just going to be a mandatory part of the healthcare team. We’ve all done our fair share of stints at the local GUM clinic, after all.

But no, “hunky Dublin microbiologist Dami Hope” was revealed to the world as one of the contestants on Love Island 2022. And then it went a bit weird:

…because microbiologists don’t use telescopes very often. We’re probably better known for using microscopes. The hint’s in the name: we’re not “telebiologists”, are we?

In fact, looking back over my long and illustrious scientific career, I don’t think that I have ever used a telescope while in the lab. So they’ve clearly got that one very wrong.

Unless of course “telescope” is just a euphemism for his… Oh god… Oh no.