Jason Hayden Cape Town storm pic is wow

There were thousands of tweets and much general sharing and admiration of a photo, apparently taken by one Jason Hayden, of the storm which hit Cape Town early on Saturday morning and woke up all the children in the city by about 5:30am.

[EDIT: Nov 17 2017 But then, suddenly  3½ years after I wrote this post, Jason got in touch, angrily demanding that I tell him where I had got the photo from (the hint’s in the first line of the post, mate) and objecting to my sharing it, so here it isn’t:







What followed for anything south of Hospital Bend was a day of high winds, heavy rain and general seeking of shelter, blankets and red wine.

If you’ve checked the forecast for this week, we’re going to do it all again on Wednesday!

Things were much quieter this Monday morning, so while we’re doing a blog post of borrowed photos, how about this one from the new Kirstenbosch Treetop Canopy Walkway – “the Boomslang”?


Two very different mornings in Cape Town.

Photo credits: not Jason Hayden & Adam Harrower via twitterttp://

2 thoughts on “Jason Hayden Cape Town storm pic is wow

  1. Oddly, my kids slept right through the thunderstorm, but complained that the wind woke them up later…guess those visits to Joburg have some benefit after all!

  2. gmross > Fortunately, these things are few and far between though, right?
    (Thunderstorms in CPT and your visits to JHB, I mean)

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