Hot stuff

WARNING: It gets fairly steamy below.

What with one thing and another, it came to pass that Mrs 6000 and I found ourselves alone in the house for a few hours today. Now, for many of you, that might be a regular occurrence, but for us, this sort of thing is virtually unheard of. The boy is at a Scouting event at Century City, the girl back from her glamping trip, but staying on a little longer at her friend’s house before heading home.

So, long story short, we did what any healthy, red-blooded married couple would do with such a perfect opportunity: she tidied a desk in the study, while I mended the broken bird table in the back garden.

Oh God, that was good.

The desk is now pristine and provides a suitable working environment, while our local robin chats will surely enjoy whatever morsels we share with them, on what is now a safe and secure surface out the back.

Never let it be said that middle-age alters your priorities and viewpoint on life. We still know how to live it up a little.

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