If yesterday was a bit warm a bit suddenly, weatherwise, today has been absolutely glorious from the get-go. Temperatures have even been excitedly prodding the 33°C mark this afternoon, so we decided to go to a lab and do lab work.

Yep. Needs must and the need today was for the boy to get some practical work done ahead of a couple of very busy weeks leading up to the Eskom Expo International Science Fair.

He has an entire project to do – to ISF standard – in two weeks. And that’s with other commitments including (but not limited to) er… school, Scouts, an orienteering competition, two Dodgeball Academy sessions, two Expo meetings, a rendezvous with an astronaut (yes, really) and a partridge in a pear tree.

Issa lot.

Of course, we’ll support and help where we can, but this is his baby and he needs to get it right through to adulthood in the next fortnight.

Right now, he’s just frantically changing nappies.

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