George Bush is Dead

Well – not really.
But if you were watching the pisspoor South African Sky-wannabe eTV News (or more especially, their annoying little rolling banner thing across the bottom of the screen) then you would have seen those exact words on your TV.

The “misbroadcast” happened when a technician pressed the “broadcast live for transmission” button instead of the one for a test-run.

“The technical director pressed the wrong button, it took a second for the words to appear and then the words were on screen for only three seconds before they were taken off,” said spokesman Vasili Vass.

The station said test banners would now be done in “gobbledegook”.

Given the general standard spelling on their rolling banner, quite how they are going to separate the gobbledegook from the real stuff is a complete mystery to me and their other viewer.

The mistake was first reported on by the Afrikaans language newspaper Beeld, and on the media group’s website,
“Its unfortunate, because we never comment on their mistakes,” said Mr Vass.  

Well, of course not. You’re only a 24 hour news channel.
Take on that sort of onerous responsibility and you’d never have time to tell us about ex-world leaders popping their clogs. Or not.

14 thoughts on “George Bush is Dead

  1. So I assume the nation was in general mourning this morning?

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  2. Po > Whatever people may think of him, GWB was very good for Africa and South Africa. Aid, trade were forthcoming and ironiclly, despite his roots, it seems that Obama will not be as good for Africa.

  3. Of course you are absolutely correct. However I don’t think that means there is a pro-Bush sentiment, and an anti-Obama one in Africa 🙂

    po´s last blog post was: Sad Po (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

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    The way these things work it will more than likely be the initial pool games or games that aren’t looking too popular.

    Also depends if I am in the right place at the right time (which I hopefully will be).

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