Early start

Last night was a late one at the airport as Granddad arrived for a three week vitamin D boost in the South African sun. Sadly, he was greeted into the Mother City with unseasonable – although perhaps not unexpected – rain.

But this morning has at least got a bit more summery.

I’m still not sure why I got up at 7am though (and that was an hour after my wife!)

And that wind can ‘tsek.

Tomorrow, we’ll head down to the cottage for New Year and few days away on the beach.

But for now, it’s a going to be a chilled day with an afternoon nap so that I’m still alive and able to watch the ridiculously late kick-off in Blackpool this evening.

A late night ahead, but hopefully an enjoyable one. And on the big screen too, thanks to the magic of having electricity from 8:30 onwards.