Day 8 – I went out

I did. We needed shopping, so I went to the shop.

Obviously, everywhere was much quieter than usual, but not empty. Several (or more) cars on the roads, as well. My chosen supermarket had a one-in, one-out policy running to limit the number of shoppers in the place, but I was there early enough to not have to queue, although there was quite a wait by the time I left.

There was plenty of hand sanitiser available and it was being liberally squirted everywhere while I was in there. There were lots of people in face masks and lots of people not using face masks very well, although the best effort at pseudo-PPE was a guy in DIY safety specs, who had tissue paper wrapped around his lower face. When I saw him, I spluttered with laughter, eliciting immediate glances of concern from the paranoid shoppers around me.

As far as stock went, it was mostly ok. Frozen veg was gone, canned veg was a little short, and the range of fresh veg wasn’t great. So yes, veg was a bit of an issue. There were weird holes in the shelves: jam, chicken, rusks and rooibos tea all AWOL. But generally it was a reasonable experience – nowhere near as weird as I thought it would be – and now we’re stocked up for the next couple of weeks. I might not have to go out again. Ever.

Now that I – and through me, the family – have been exposed to the outside world again, we’re going to be doing even more handwashing and not touching of faces for the next few days. I’ve already disinfected the car and left the shopping bags on the washing line to bake any viruses off in the sun.