Day 658 – Use it/Don’t use it

I get asked a lot about the best way to vaporise chicken legs. You do a bit of microbiology and messing around with science, and suddenly everyone thinks you’re the go-to for all things vaporisey (at least as far as chicken legs go).

But I quickly deflect to my default position on this sort thing, pointing people straight to the maker of this video, “NileRed Shorts”.

It’s well worth 1:51 of your time.

Watch and wince…

Fascinating – and terrifying.

For me it was the bit at the end (spoiler) when he says: “There was absolutely nothing left”, and I looked and thought, “Yeah, but it’s just masked by the bubbles. Wait til they clear and….HOLY F!”

Anyway, as the title suggests, I’m just putting this out there for the science of it all.

Use it/Don’t use it.

And by that, I mean… Don’t use it.

Really. Don’t.