Day 506 – Thank You

I’ve been really touched with how many people have sent messages of support and offers of help over the last few weeks via every different social media and/or communication platform. Too many to individually mention (hence this post), but just amazing that people I know personally, people I “know” from the internet and people I have frankly never heard of before, have got in touch to wish us well and see if they could help, or just to let us know that they’re thinking of us. People from just about all over the world. (I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of effort from South America if I’m honest, but you can’t have everything.)

I’ve had offers of grocery deliveries, flung coffee (I can’t taste anything though!), meals, beer(?!?) and drugs (legal, pharmacy ones) (I think).

Thank you all.

Thanks also to my family who have – with the help of friends and various delivery services – managed to keep the household going through what has been a pretty crappy month or so. In writing this, I’m not saying that we’re completely done with Covid Chez 6000 – that’s going to take some time: I still had to have a sit down after my shower this morning – but I am bravely suggesting that we’re well past the worst and we can start to move back towards some sort of normality.

As normal as it ever gets around here, anyway.