Day 487 – Hot stuff

A sudden change in my Covid experience. While my previous issues with temperature over the last week seemed to be wholly around not being able to get warm, I now have the opposite thing going on. Boiling hot and sweating like a pig in a butchers shop.

Does this change mark a turning point in the infection? I hope so, because it’s quite annoying, so I’d like it to have a upside.

Yesterday was really rough, but I think we’re all a little better today. The kids have been at online school, and Mrs 6000 and I shared an hour in the sunshine this morning before I comprehensively overheated. I also managed some solid food for the first time in 7 days. I still can’t do much without needing to stop for air, but baby steps…

Fingers crossed that things are on the mend, then. My sats remain OK, and so it looks like I’ve avoided a trip to hospital. Lying in bed for a week in massively overrated. Lying in a hospital bed would surely be even worse.

Thanks again for all your messages of support. All very much appreciated.