Day 464 – Nightmare on our street

(with apologies to Freddy Kruger)

The recent stormy weather has raised a number of issues with the (still new) (to us) house to the top of the “Oh Shit” list. Chief amongst these was the few hundred litres of water that poured into our living room the other night. But that’s only brought more problems to light: damaged guttering (when the insurance-provided contractors took down the waterlogged ceiling), which will need to be replaced before they replace the ceiling. Things are still very wet, despite our best efforts to dry them up using a dehumidifier, the fireplace on full blast, and the beagle as a big sponge.

The season being what it is, it looks like we’re in for a long wait before the waterproofing team can come and charge us lots of money to make things better. But we don’t really have any choice on the delay or the cash.

Add to that a bit of a disaster when refitting a light switch after a painting job (we now need an electrician), and a new n thousaand Rand more quote from the flooring guy because the existing floor is such a state and you’ll perhaps understand why I am tolerating this new place at the moment, rather than enjoying it.

We’ll get there, but I do wonder how many more problems we’re likely to encounter before we actually arrive.