Day 418 – Cold front approaching…

…and more loadshedding. Both as you might expect as we head into a Cape Town winter.
These sort of things happen fairly regularly.

No huge issue with the cooler temperatures this time around though, because (finally) there is a Lacunza Atlantic 613 sitting in the corner of our living room. As free-standing closed combustion fireplace solutions go, this is definitely one of them. And a bit later this evening, it’s going to look a bit like this:

…but without the photoshopped flames and wood (we’re using real ones). And with a flue pipe out of the top (also real). Swanky stuff.

I was going to have a video of Clubhouse’s 1994 hit Light My Fire (feat. Carl) here, because it seemed appropriate. However, looking back now, it was a really terrible song. But sod it, we’re riding high on a wave of fire tonight:

Hard to imagine anything more 90s. Hard to imagine that we danced to that in Macey’s and Madison every Monday night for an entire year. Hard to understand why I actually thought it was a good idea to include it here. Easy to see why no-one reads this blog anymore.

Back to reality: I’m almost certain to chuck an action photo of our fireplace up on the ‘Gram later.
Go knock yourselves out.