Day 256 – I’m away

256 = 2 to the power of 8.

Kwik maffs.


All being well, I will be staying somewhere nice and quiet today, a million miles from anywhere (although paradoxically, a bit less than 6000 miles from civilisation…). And so this is a pre-written post, penned from the dining room table in Cape Town on Friday evening.

If there is internet here (the place at which I’m staying, not the dining room table), it is very limited. And so there’s every chance that you won’t hear anything more from me until tomorrow.

I’m going to chill in the desert sun and watch the desert stars this evening.
It’s not a bad way to spend a Monday.

Maybe photos, maybe not. Maybe Die Mas Potkettlebrandewyn, maybe… actually, no: definitely Die Mas Potkettlebrandewyn.

Let’s chat again tomorrow.